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CHA partners with Eleks to expand global health technology offerings with eMIS rollout

Integrating with the global EMR solution brings exclusive new
capabilities to international and military/defense customers

Apollo Beach, FL — Clinical Healthcare Analytics (CHA) has just announced a major new partnership with Eleks, Inc and its premier EMR/EHR solution, Doctor Eleks. CHA has co-invested with Eleks to create eMIS, a comprehensive health and medical information system with fully integrated diagnostic and treatment analytics, to enable medical professionals to receive automated insights, recommended preventative measures, and evidence-based best practices.

By enhancing the proven, affordable Doctor Eleks healthcare digitization solution with the AI-powered predictive analytics tools from CHA, eMIS provides real time early warning analysis at the point of care to predict and monitor developing acute disease states, throughput measures, readmission risks and utilization review. eMIS brings unprecedented capabilities to clinicians at the bedside – along with population health managers who work to improve outcomes while increasing the efficiency and effectiveness of healthcare.

CHA’s approach to predictive analytics is designed to provide real-time visualization of patient critical data in a manner that time-stressed clinicians can easily incorporate into their workflows. The visualizations provide at-a-glance tools for impacting perennially troubling issues for healthcare organizations. Clinical users report improvements in early identification of patient risk, better outcomes, and higher rates of physician satisfaction and efficiency.

Eleks’ flagship healthcare software solution is Doctor Eleks. Doctor Eleks has been at the forefront of developing and implementing Medical and Health Information Systems (MIS/HIS) since 2005. Doctor Eleks is in use by over 1,500 civilian hospitals, clinics, and medical networks in Ukraine, Poland, and Moldova. With funding assistance from the US Army, in 2017 the Ukrainian Ministry of Defense chose Doctor Eleks as the standard MIS solution to modernize the Ukrainian military medical system. A military-specific variant was developed and is now in use at 18 military hospitals across Ukraine.

“The CHA / Eleks partnership will create solutions that can have significant impact on measures like reducing readmissions and time-in-hospital, including factors such as preventing sepsis, diagnosing Acute Kidney Injury (AKI), emergent respiratory conditions, and alcohol withdrawal,” explained CHA’s President Jerry Baker. “We are tremendously excited at the prospect of working with Doctor Eleks to reach patients across the region and around the world.”

“Our affordable Doctor Eleks solution already provides vital services to hospitals, caregivers, national health authorities, and – most importantly – millions of patients throughout Europe. By incorporating CHA’s proven analytics-based and clinical workflow improvements, we are looking forward to serving all of these stakeholders better, and being able to expand impact into the Middle East, Central Asia, Africa, and the Americas – anywhere growing populations need the latest digital medical information technology,” said Andriy Krupa, President and CEO of Eleks, Inc.

The new partnership was announced alongside notification of CHA’s recent designation as an approved Federal Contractor by the U.S. Government, an endorsement that opens the possibility for the company to expand more broadly into government, military and other international markets. “Our expanded ability to serve international customers now is particularly important, as it allows us to help international governments and associated military and other institutional providers at a critical time in global events,” said Baker.

Further details of the partnership will be announced throughout 2024.

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About Clinical Healthcare Analytics/CHA

CHA is home to one of the only teams demonstrating real-world success in introducing powerful analytics at the point of clinical care. The CHA Foundation Suite is a leap forward in leveraging an organization’s EMR to deliver critical—and actionable—information at point-of-care. CHA is finally delivering on a long-promised vision for improved clinical care and optimized case management through timely analytics.

About Eleks

Eleks is a global leader in affordable software solutions, with decades of experience supporting commercial clients, government customers, and other public sector entities in areas such as public health and energy management. Originally founded in Ukraine, and now headquartered in Estonia, Eleks has over 2,000 employees on three continents. Doctor Eleks has been developing medical information systems since 2005 for both public and private medical institutions. Clients include 1,600 medical institutions in eastern Europe. Doctor Eleks is an active participant in health care reform efforts in Ukraine and Poland.

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