Finally, A Tool That Connects Information and Action

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Make Patients Priority 1 and Complete Necessary Clinical Documentation

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Finally, A Tool That Connects Information and Action

Spend Less Time Combing Through Data, Assess & Prioritize Discharge Readiness, Risk of Re-admission, and More...Simply

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Better outcomes, lower costs

Reduce Length of Stay and Re-admission Risk

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The CHA Foundation Suite is a leap forward in leveraging the EMR to perform real-time analysis at point-of-care - and in practical case management.

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Adoption of EMRs has increased the availability of data and helped meet regulatory requirements, but it has yet to really deliver on its promise to improve quality of care, reduce costs and streamline clinician efficiency.

The CHA Foundation platform is changing that—today—with the EHR infrastructure you already have in place.

Using the same principles that guide fighter pilots in split-second decision-making, our Healthcare Heads Up Display (HHUD) presents the right data to the right clinician at the right time—in an actionable way.

Hiring of New President, Jerry Baker, Marks Significant Milestone
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Improved Outcomes, Reduced Costs


Actionable, Role-Based Information

Clear, actionable information is presented to clinicians based on their role: Physicians see the data/actions they want and nurses see the data/actions they want.



RADAR dashboard for nurse managers and case managers gives real-time overview to assess/prioritize: discharge readiness, risk of
re-admission, and other key metrics.



Multiple sources of data feed a rules engine that is 100% customized to your clinical standards, treatment requirements, and priorities.


Better Clinical Care,
Reduced Acute Care Services

Faster identification of patients moving into acute disease states helps reduce care timelines, keeping care less expensive.


Helps Prevent
Possible Readmission

CHA leverages the most cutting-edge standards to address sub-acute disease states, aiming to prevent them from becoming acute conditions.


Reduced Length
of Stay

Through CHA’s Discharge Readiness protocol nurses, case managers, and physicians will be able to prioritize patient care workflows and attend to patients ready for discharge helping to focus their time and reduce the LOS for the patient.

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Welcome to Clinical Knowledge That Is Truly “Situationally Aware.”

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CHA’s Real-time Aid to Detection of At-Risk Patients (RADAR) Surveillance Dashboard

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Nurse Managers and Case managers can use this role-based data visibility tool to maintain a real-time overview of the patient population. This dashboard analyzes complex data sets to provide actionable information around situations such as: readmission risk, discharge readiness, and other critical indicators. Information can be organized in many different ways to help prioritize the activities of nurses and clinicians based on your organizations goals.

CHA’s Healthcare Heads-Up Display (HHUD)

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Direct clinician-patient interaction is supported by an easy-to-view, single-screen, display which analyzes your EMR/EHR data to inform the clinician, unobtrusively, of patient specific situations that may require action—and then facilitates those particular actions/orders/notifications.

Case Study: A Hospitalist’s View on
Using the CHA Healthcare
Heads-Up Display (HHUD)

Co-Innovating With Our Clients

CHA’s technology breakthroughs include “early warning” alerts around conditions such as:

  • Kidney Failure Risks, Detections, and Interventions
  • Alcohol Withdrawal Detection and Indications
  • Discharge Anticipation, Discharge Readiness, and Risk of Readmission

New capabilities and improved industry-standard protocols around additional impact opportunities such as:

  • Sepsis Monitoring and Alerts
  • Diabetes-related Risks, Detections, and Interventions
  • Infectious/Communicable Disease Monitoring
  • Clinical Transitions and “Hand-offs”

What People Are Saying

I believe the utilization of this technology is becoming the standard of care and aligns with our aim to provide the best care for our patients.

John D. Machado, DO, FACP, FHM Chief, Hospital Medicine at Middlesex Hospital

Using HHUD as a single navigation tool has allowed me to easily identify organ system failures, while serving as a central launch point for reviewing electronic notes, labs, imaging and other important clinical data points.

John D. Machado, DO, FACP, FHM Chief, Hospital Medicine at Middlesex Hospital

“I am awestruck. You have no idea how much time this will save me every week.”

Case Manager using CHA RADAR for the first time

"This is the future"

CMIO from national health system seeing CHA HHUD for the first time

"This is what healthcare systems should be"

initial response from group of clinicians seeing CHA Foundation Suite

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The CHA Foundation Suite is a leap forward in leveraging the EMR to perform real-time analysis at point-of-care and in practical case management. Schedule a time to see what it can do for you:
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